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We are Web Design and Development Company

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We are leading IT Company in Bangladesh in the field of Computer networking providing total IT Solutions starting from Cabling infrastructure, Switching, Routing Security solutions, IP Telephony solutions, Wireless connectivity, Web Design and Developing, Digital Marketing, Video Surveillance through smart IP-cameras or CCTV Cameras.


We offer full integrated solutions with installation and configuration & after sales maintenance.

Our certified staff has the ability to translate your business needs using the latest technologies in the IT field BANGLADESH IT STATION founded in 2016 by a group of Professional Engineers who aim to found a new concept for doing IT Business.

BANGLADESH IT STATION is an integrated Solution provides comprehensive Telecom and Networking solutions through providing the market with the best Designs, Products and services following the international standards (EIA, TIA and ISO).


Cabling Infrastructure

BANGLADESH IT STATION helps you building your Cabling infrastructure. Whether it is Copper or Fiber optics based on the customer needs and requirements based on US & European Brands, Such Systemax, 3M, Panduit, R&M etc.


Networking Solutions

BANLADESH IT STATION provides networking solutions that radically change the way you work in partnership with leading vendors, we supply the latest technologies and develop networking solutions that help you circulate data security, among separate branches of your business.


Information Security

At BANGLADESH IT STATION, we are sought for providing comprehensive and high quality security solutions that encompass all trends in the information security arena. In addition, we meet your

Expectation in possessing stare of-the-art security solutions and services.


IP Telephony Solutions

BANGLADESH IT STATION provides quality IP-Telephony solutions that allow carrying both voice and video over data networks. Over and above, our range of applications includes Unified Messaging IVR, Personal Assistant and voice recording.


Video surveillance Solutions

IP network cameras have changed the face of video surveillance. Today’s video security solutions are more effective than ever before, providing new surveillance technology that’s applicable to a wide range end-users, from the retail sector, to schools, homes, office campuses and transportation systems. Now, more than ever, security is on our minds and IP video surveillance offers us exiting new tools to better protect ourselves and those around us. BANGLADESH IT STATION offer wide solutions using IP Cameras to support many sectors.


House#16, Road#10, Sector#06, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Phone: 01932588437  www.bditstation.com

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we work with enterprises that require us to have a 24×7 Support help desk and correct support team in place. If this is something that your business needs, we can accommodate.

Custom SEO Solutions

You’ve got the perfect website. Now what? Sumy Designs can work a little magic known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will help drive traffic your way. We’ve got a full bag of tricks to market your site and drum up your business.

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All Web Hosting plans include money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our services and we are not able to provide what we promised, you will receive a full refund.

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